Treatment/Synopsis Analysis Service from $95.00  to $115.00

Have a story idea but are unsure which direction to take your script?

Submit your written treatment for a thorough analysis of crucial narrative elements needed for a compelling script. Treatments are a useful tool professional writers use to assess a story before committing months to complete a full draft. A well-written treatment saves a writer countless days of aimless toiling. A writer can address plot holes, character weaknesses, and narrative pitfalls in the treatment format before wasting months struggling to rewrite drafts with glaring structural weaknesses. Our Treatment/Story Analysis service will provide writers with a solid blueprint to use while completing the first draft of a screenplay.

Treatments also serve as an essential marketing tool when shopping a screenplay around to industry professionals. Most agents, managers, and production companies do not accept unsolicited scripts.
However, a well-written treatment or story synopsis can pique interest leading to requests to read your full screenplay.

Our treatment/story analysis service includes:

• In-depth analysis of narrative elements including premise, character, conflict, tone, originality, and logic

• Score of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Decent, or Needs Work assigned to each critical narrative element

• Two to Three pages of detailed comments from the mindset of an industry reader or story analyst

• A structural blueprint that can be used to complete first draft and subsequent rewrites

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