Development Notes Service from $239.00 to $309.00

Hit a writing roadblock and need a fresh perspective or want honest suggestions on how to improve your work? Our Development Notes service gives you the feedback you need to succeed. We'll assist you in maximizing your script's creative potential by analyzing it through an industry story analyst's eyes.

Development Notes are invaluable in preparing your work for circulation. Notes service is ideal for screenwriters in the early stages of composition and those who already have a full-length draft. No matter what stage the script is in, we will give you the detailed review you need to move forward. Our analysts will break down the critical elements of your work and offer ideas for each. These elements include:

• Premise/Concept


• Structure

• Conflict

• Dialogue

• Grammatical, sentence structure, and formatting concerns

• Budget and Marketability (in some cases)

We utilize a twenty-one category rating system to provide you with seven to ten pages of comprehensive notes and ideas for improvement. The process takes around seven to fourteen business days to complete; however, rush service is available.

We'll help to maximize your script's marketability and creative potential by identifying narrative weaknesses and providing scenarios and ideas that may fix the problem.



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