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Our readers have served as gatekeepers for a variety of agents, managers, and production companies.  With valuable experience in the entertainment industry, we at Script Coverage Guru know what it takes for screenplays to gain traction in the marketplace. We offer objective constructive feedback, creative solutions to strengthen project weaknesses, clear cut direction on how to enhance a project, and affordable pricing. We also provide assistance with loglines, query letters, treatments, proofreading, script formatting and more.  If you are ready to polish your screenplay and further your career in the entertainment industry, make an investment in your project by ordering coverage for your script today!  





A Note From a Story Analyst:


Are you a writer ready to introduce your script to the film or television market but do not know where to turn for help?  If you want to ensure your screenplay has a powerful head-turning story that attracts top-notch industry professionals, you've come to the right place.  At Script Coverage Guru, we evaluate your script and give you feedback that can transform your screenplay into a polished and compelling project with a marketable premise. Development is at the crux of all professional writing.  When a script hits the marketplace it receives coverage from readers or analysts who work for agents, managers, producers, creative executives, and distributors.  Writers are rarely privy to coverage of their scripts.  Purchasing our coverage will give you expert analysis allowing you to strengthen the script before submitting it to industry professionals.  Don’t settle for mediocrity.  Let us help you tell the story you really want to tell, in a manner that will be well received.