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Resubmission Notes Service


Resubmission Notes Service $84.00

Did you rewrite your script based on our script coverage analysis?  Resubmission Notes service allows writers who received grades of Pass or Consider to resubmit another draft of the same work for a discounted rate.

If  you are ready to give a new draft a final polish, resubmit your script and receive a discount on our coverage services!  Following Script Coverage or Development Notes Service, Resubmission Notes Service provides writers with feedback about subsequent script changes. 

You will receive an analysis with approximately two to three pages of comments from one of our readers. 

There is no time limit or deadline on resubmissions. You may resubmit your work for review any time.

Resubmission Notes allows writers the option to:

  • request analysis from previous Script Reader or select a new Reader for a fresh perspective

  • receive professional feedback on draft changes

  • understand how changes effect marketability of the project

  • complete development process that prepares script for industry circulation

  • receive feedback about formatting/proofreading issues

  • Need to meet a deadline?  Rush turnaround available