Ready to see your script the way industry professionals will see it? We offer three different services to maximize your script’s marketability.


Coverage service does not include recommendations on how to improve or adjust a draft, but provides you with honest feedback from the mindset of a studio script reader. If you would like specific suggestions on how to improve your work, we recommend the Development Notes service.

We don’t hold back. Our script coverage service gives you a thorough and uncensored view of how industry professionals may perceive your work. Feedback ranges from a critique of characters to overall perceived interest. We cover crucial narrative elements in the script.


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Resubmission Notes allow a writer to receive feedback about script changes. You will receive an analysis with approximately two-three pages of comments from one of our readers. There is no time limit or deadline on resubmissions. You may resubmit your work for review any time.


Resubmission Notes

If you don’t receive a grade of Recommend on your first submission, don’t worry. This is extremely common in the industry and we are here to help. Our Resubmission Notes service allows writers who received grades of Pass or Consider to resubmit another draft of the same work for a discounted rate. This is entirely optional and up to the discretion of each individual writer.
Development Notes focus on just that: development. With this service we tackle the subtler parts of script writing including emotional subtext, suspension of disbelief, and strong character construction.

As artists, sometimes it’s hard to take criticism on projects when it can feel like an attack on our own flesh and blood. That’s why we believe in constructive criticism in the form of recommendations. With each weakness we identify in your work, we will provide feedback that is accompanied by a simple suggestion for improvement. We’ll offer scenarios and ideas that may fix the problem.
You will receive a cover sheet with a studio-style rating as well as a logline. Your analyst will also provide you with detailed comments broken down by different key elements, including characterization, dialogue, premise, structure, budget, and more. These comments typically run three to six pages in total length.

Development Notes

If you want comprehensive analysis, this is it. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of drafting a screenplay or have a draft and want suggestions for improvement, we can help. 

With the Development Notes service, you get five to ten pages of extensive written feedback from a skilled script reader. He or she will address specific weaknesses in your writing and offer creative solutions to each. We really get down to the nitty-gritty here, and give you feedback line by line and scene by scene.


Studio Coverage

When we read your screenplay, we see it from the point of view of a professional production company. Our Studio Coverage service includes detailed analysis from a skilled reader. This feedback follows the same structure as standard industry coverage.