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Industry Coverage Service from $109.00 to $159.00

With our screenplay coverage service, you get detailed notes and analyses similar to feedback generated by various industry companies. Coverage includes:

• Cover sheet with studio-style rating grid, and logline

• Scoring system used to analyze key screenplay elements (character, dialogue, premise, structure, conflict, and more)

• Three to six pages of detailed comments from the mindset of an industry reader

• Assigned overall rating based on a system similarly used at production companies (Recommend, Consider, or Pass)

At the crux of our coverage service, we provide you with an honest and unbiased look at how an industry Script Reader may view your work. Having the chance to hear feedback in a low-pressure setting serves as invaluable information. Before submitting your script to contests or companies, you’ll be ahead of the game by already having a good idea of how your work may be perceived.

Coverage does not include recommendations on how to improve composition. Obtain specific suggestions on how to edit or rewrite sections of your work by requesting our Development Notes service.

Average turnaround time 7-10 days.  Rush service available.


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